Anand Prabhat Ekka missing from Kendpani,Chattisgarh
Name Anand Prabhat Ekka
Nick Name -
DOB/Age 13 June 1991
Gender Male
Height 115 cms
Weight 25 kgs
Eyes Black
Hair Black


Date Of Missing 25 December 2000
Place of Missing Kendpani, Chattisgarh
Circumstances He is missing from his home. He left home after quarrelling with the neighbour's children. He was last seen wearing red colour shirt, green shorts and white and blue colour hawai chappals.
Identification Marks The ring finger and the little finger of the right hand are joint.
Characteristics Does not wear glasses or contact lens and is right handed.
Other Information Has tribal features. Speaks Sadri, Hindi and Oraon.


Missing Indian Kids

K.R. Bhardwaj, ASI
Jashpur Police Station, 
Distt. Jashpur - 496331 (Chattisgarh) INDIA, 
Phone No. (07763) 23322, 
Case No. 24/2000, dated - 28 December 2000
Email: report@missingindiankids.com 

National Centre For Missing Children