Divnesh Anand - missing from Delhi
Name Divnesh Anand
Nick Name Aashu
DOB/Age 09 October 1986 
Gender Male
Height 152 cms
Weight 42 kgs
Eyes Black
Hair Black


Date Of Missing 29 January 2000
Place of Missing New Delhi

He was caught smoking with his friend. When he was questioned, he ran away from his house. Later it was also discovered that his name was struck off from the school as he did not appear in the half yearly examinations and was also not attending the classes regularly. He was a student in class X.
He was last seen wearing gray coloured shirt, fawn coloured pants and brown sports shoes.

Identification Marks Long eye lashes, big ears.
Characteristics He does not wear glasses or contact lenses.
Other Information Adjustable nature; quite boy; helpful; can very easily mix up with any person.


National Centre For Missing Children

  Police Officer 
Mandawalli Police Station 
Fasalpur, New Delhi - 110092, INDIA, 
Phone No. (011) 2206149
Case No. - 13A, dated - 31 January 2000

National Centre For Missing Children