Vikram Singh Missing from Mumbai
Name Vikram Singh
Nick Name Vicky
DOB/Age 31 March 1992
Gender Male
Height 105 cms
Weight 18 kgs
Eyes Black
Hair Black


Date Of Missing 21 September 1999
Place of Missing Mumbai, Maharahtra
Circumstances Nobody from the family was at home, father was at work, mother had gone to her daughter's school. Vikram came from tuition and went on the terrace to fly kite and from there he disappeared. Last seen wearing blue and green T-shirt and brown colour short pants
Identification Marks Stitch marks on the upper side of nose.
Characteristics Very shy and does not talk with strangers. Speaks hindi and little english.


Police Officer - Ashok T Patil
Santacruz Police Station
Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai - 400054
(Maharashtra) INDIA, Phone No.: (022) 6493139, 6492972
Case No. 482/99 dated 29 September 1999