Asheesh Kakkar kidnapped from Pune
Name Asheesh Kakkar
Nick Name Bobby
DOB/Age 27 Oct. 1972
Gender Male
Height 176 cms
Weight 51 kgs
Eyes Black
Hair Black


Date Of Missing 27 October 1990
Place of Missing Pune, Maharahtra
Circumstances On 25th. October 1990 a letter was received from the kidnappers saying that Bobby was with them and to pay a ransom money of Rs.2 lacs. On that particular day Bobby was at home. However on the night of 26th October 1990 he went out for repairing the puncture of his mobike, but did not return. On the morning of 27th. October 1990 his mobike was found lying near the house in abondoned condition. On 28th. October 1990 another ransom note for Rs.3 lakhs was received. There after there has been no communication with the kidnappers.
Last seen wearing jeans, T-shirt, full sleeve denim jacket with a picture of horse head on the back of the jacket.
Identification Marks None
Characteristics Less talkative, intelligent, very good in studies, excellent command on English language. Fair, smart and good looking, healthy and with a smile always on his face.


Police Officer - Shri Datar
Bund Garden Police Station
Bund Garden, Pune - 411 001
(Maharashtra) INDIA, Phone No.: (020) 6123825
Case No. 469/90 dated 27 October 1990