Darrell Fernandes missing from Mumbai, Maharashtra
Name Darrell Fernandes
Nick Name -
DOB/Age 26 August 1984
Gender Male
Height 107 cms
Weight 40 kgs
Eyes Black
Hair Black


Date Of Missing 09 May 1997
Place of Missing Mumbai, Maharashtra
Circumstances As both his parents were working, they used to leave the children at in-laws place who reside 50 metres from their house. Darrell was a student in VII standard of Domnic Savio H. School. After he failed in his final exams he wanted to leave the school and take admission in a boarding school either in Goa or Mumbai. His parents said that they are not going to shift to Goa and he has to keep studying in the same school. On the 9th of May 1997 around 5:30pm he left with his bicycle and did not return.
He was last seen wearing white T-shirt with some design in yellow colour and dark brown trousers.
Identification Marks Cross(+) on his right thumb and scar on his right hip.
Characteristics Does not wear glasses or contact lenses.
Other Information He is soft spoken, shy and takes a long time to mix with outsiders.


SI Patole
Meghwadi Police Station, Andheri (E)
Mumbai - 400093, (Maharashtra) INDIA, 
Phone No.: (022) 
Case No. 13/97, dated 9 May 1997

National Centre For Missing Children