National Centre For Missing Children

We Need Your Involvement
By becoming a Support Member you will be helping by proactively participating in the search for the missing children. Many families and individuals are looking for an opportunity to participate in a programme of social significance. We offer an easy way for the people to get involved.

The Support Members will receive the following:
1)  Photo-Mailing Stickers of the missing children.
2)  Posters of the missing children.
3)  Newsletters of NCMC.
4)  Educational Material. Safety tips and Precautionary measures.

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We ask the Support Members to make a voluntary contribution of minimum Rs.400/-. Your contribution is an instrument of the all-round development of NCMC, it will help in the distribution of the profile and the pictures of the missing children more effectively. The contributions received from the Support Members will be used for printing and in the distribution of the photo mailing stickers, posters of missing children, Newsletter/ magazine of NCMC and for the other activities of NCMC.

Put This Rotating Java Banner On Your Home Page.

By putting the NCMC's Java Banner on your web page, you'll be pro-actively participating in the efforts to locate the missing children. May be one of the visitors to your website recognizes a face. You may never know it, but your efforts might be able to find a missing child.

All you have to do is, just copy the below mentioned code in the body of your home page.